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Moana is now a recently released film based on Disney's newest heroine, Moana. The Moana Wikia is a free wikia that anyone can edit.

The movie is now released so the wiki is still in development, and there are currently 174 articles so far. Not sure where to start or have any questions? Contact one of the four admins.


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  • Heatherlight11

    You know you're a Moana fan when you almost start belting out "How Far I'll Go" instead of the pledge of alliegence in class at school... :D

    Heatherlight11 (talk) 05:01, April 28, 2017 (UTC)Heatherlight

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  • Heatherlight11

    This is how to make a badge. The easy way. (And the only way I know.) Here are the steps.

    1. Find a badge you like. Ones on other wikis work well too.

    2. Search up, on the search bar at the top of the wiki, Template: Whatever this badge is called

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