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Maui's Parents
Background Information
Feature Films Moana
Video Games
Voiced by
Animated by
Character Information
Species Human
Other Names
Personality Mean, cruel-hearted
Alignment Evil
Family Maui (son)
Disikes Maui
Powers and Abilities
Quote '

Maui's Parents are minor characters from Disney's 2016 animated film Moana. According to Maui, they took one look at him after his birth and decided they didn't want him as they refuse to bear the difficulties of raising a child. As such, they threw him into the ocean like he was nothing, though he was saved by the gods, who raised him to become a demigod to provide gifts for humanity. Despite earning the humans' admiration and respect for his accomplishments, Maui was very upset that his parents abandoned him for their selfishness, and he despised them for this. It was also the reason why Maui chose to steal the heart of Te Fiti, as he wanted to give it to the humans to be remembered as the human he once was, though he would later regret this during the movie's events.

In the movie, we never actually meet his parents. We only see Maui's mother on his tattoo.

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