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Matai Vasa
Background Information
Feature Films Moana
Video Games Disney Crossy Road
Voiced by Opetaia Foa'i[1]
Animated by
Character Information
Other Names Ghost Matai
Personality Wise, intrepid, tenacious
Occupation Chief (formerly)
Founder of Motunui
Alignment Good
Home Motunui
Family Unnamed son
Chief Tui (descendant)
Moana (descendant)
Friends His people and fellow wayfinders
Likes Discovering new islands
Powers and Abilities
Quote '

Matai Vasa is a minor character of Disney's 2016 Moana. He led Moana's ancestors to Motunui.[2]

Role in the Film

Matai is first seen during the song We Know The Way. He sings in a different language, Polynesian, and appears to be guiding the boats as they voyage to Motunui. He is most likely chief of Moana's ancestors. He starts the song and dances along with the other "ghosts." He then gives his necklace to the next chief, presumably his son.

He is later seen near the end of the film during I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors) as a ghost. As the boats make their way past Moana, Matai nods to her in greeting.


  • In Lithuanian, Matai means "measurements".
  • Matai is a character in the game Disney Crossy Road. He is named "Ghost Matai".


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